You can add your own logo at the beginning or at the end of the video or at both beginning and end.

In order to add logo in your video, add the following configuration in your JSON payload.

PS: Please provide either [id] or [url], not the both.

  "assets": [{..}, {..}, {..}],
  "logo": {
    "id": "img_SomeAlphaNumericID",
    "url": "https://some-publicly-accessible-logo-url",
    "attribute": {
      "position": "intro|outro|introandoutro",
      "animation": "fadeIn|pulse|rotateIn|zoomIn",
      "size": "50",
      "bg_color": "black|white"

Attributes definition

one of

  • id - If any previously upload image has to be used as Logo, consider providing this argument. (Do not use url parameter in this parameter is used)
  • url - URL to fetch the logo from (Do not use id parameter in this parameter is used)


  • position - One of the allowed values - intro, outro, introandoutro
  • animation - One of the allowed values - fadeIn, pulse, rotateIn, zoomIn. This animation will be used while revealing the logo
  • size - The size of screen that the logo will occupy. For example, if the size is 50%, logo will be placed in the center covering 50% of screen. 
  • bg_color - One of the available values - black and white. Only these two values are supported for now.
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