To change the music of your video, you can either upload your own music or choose from our collection of music. Just click on the button to 'Change Music' and you will be redirected to the Picovico Music Library.


To upload your music, simply click on 'Upload' button and select your favorite song on your computer. Your music files must not be greater than 8 MB if you're a standard user, 15 MB if you're a premium user and 25MB if you're on a pro plan. The uploaded music will be listed on top of the list under 'My Music' category as shown below:

Before uploading, make sure you have proper rights to use the music.

There's no need to check for copyright issues when you use music from Picovico's music collections as all songs are licensed for use.

Please go through this video for a walk-through of the change music feature:

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